Antagonistic Confidante

I have had mental health issues since childhood. The only relationships I have had in my life for a longer period are with my family.


I have fought through some very dark depressive periods. I have felt close to throwing my hand and ending the pain. Thankfully, there has always been something within me that has pulled me back from the brink.


This body of work looks at my last major depressive episode, exploring my emotions and feelings I endured as my brain fought against me. My old comrade. My antagonistic confidante.


The original work was presented as a photo album. The images were shot in medium format colour film and printed by my own hand. It was vital for me to have a personal connection with the printing, creating objects of my emotional experiences.


Each image was placed under vellum, complete with accompanying text. Finally, they were placed in to the album.

These images are digital scans from the original album. 

Copyright © 2020 by IAM BURN. 

All rights reserved.

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