In Contrast…


I have always been drawn to the sea. It acts as a beacon, especially in times of personal difficulty. This deep connection plays a crucial part in the wellbeing of my mental health, where the shifting tides and its mesmeric qualities serve as an all-enveloping therapeutic space. From turbulent to tranquil, peaceful yet perilous, the duality of the sea evokes an emotional response within many people.


During challenging times and periods of personal crisis, engaging with the movement, shapes and rhythms of the sea promotes a sense of mindfulness. It calms the overwhelming noises and destabilising confusion prominent in my mind. I can challenge my darkest thoughts, finding a way back from the brink. The sea’s power to refocus my mind gifts me time and space to breathe and rebuild, moving towards a brighter destination. The journey from darkness to light is gradual and often unpredictable, like the changing nature of the sea itself.

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