Loss - pronunciation /lɒs/

The fact or process of losing something or someone.


We all experience forms of loss during our lifetime. Often associated with very personal life events, such as bereavement, a relationship breakdown or being made redundant from employment, loss has many facets.  A loss of innocence, losing faith, loss of identity, losing your independence or sobriety all have an emotional, physical and/or mental impact.

We share this connection, although we experience our losses in diverse ways.  These are personal losses, touching us in an intimate way.  But loss has another aspect that connects and affects us all.

The Earth is something we all share.  The human species have been impacting the world around us for many years.  We are now receiving our dividends from Earth Plc.  Habitats are being lost, polar ice caps are melting, clean air is disappearing and many other species we cohabit with on this planet are vanishing at an alarming rate.  These are devastating losses, shared by over 7.5 billion individuals simultaneously every day.

Using my archive of old, snapshot photographs and utilising an online repository of free-use images, Once explores these aspects, considering the threads that connect us all. Combined with haiku verse, a meditative form of poetry, Once is a response to different strands of loss, asking the viewer to pause, reflect on this familiar subject and consider how it has impacted on their own life, and may affect them in the future. 

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